English, Reading and Working Memory Programme

What is Prosodic Learning ?                                                               Prosodic Learning is a new science of the mind which unlocks learning abilities                                                                                  How does Prosodic Learning Work ?                                       Prosody - the music of spoken and written language is used to bring learning and thinking together                                                How is reading and  thinking united for learning ?                         Groups of words called Prosodic Groups, which are also Memory and Thought Groups, are attended to instead of individual words                                                                             Why attend to groups of words ?                                              Learn to learn                                                                     Attending to Thought groups gives the learner overall control )Executive functioning capability) - and the ability to read for meaning-and to develop their working memory                    Working memory and learning capability                                        Ideas and concepts are easily placed into their knowledge framework. The result is excellent listening and reading comprehension, as well as expressive and fluent writing and speaking                                                                                        The Online, Graded Library                                                   Stories, poems, history etc in 36 levels of difficulty                       The library provides the learner with a high interest learning resource, to choose books, and develop their own personal learning framework. 

Executive functioning and self-confidence                                        It is important that the learner feels that he/she in control. A “Can Do” attitude is essential for maximising learning potential, when developing executive functioning abilities

  • Expert advice                                                                        Learning is better when longer language units are learned, rather than just words and letters" Derwing, Monroe and Wiebe, 1996
  • Familiarity with the sounds of English is necessary for learning to read and speak. Dame Marie Clay D.B.E / F.R.S.N.Z