PROSODIC LEARNING                                                     Ensuring quality education  

  •  One-on-one tuition
  • Individualised programme
  • For all ages – children, adolescents and adults

What is Prosodic Learning                                               Organising Thought for Learning with precision and speed

A single system of learning for learners who have a Specific Learning Disability, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Working Memory deficit and also for those who have a Non English Speaking Background

 A new science for the  controlled development  of reading comprehension, and remediation of working memory disability, and to remove the underlying causes of a learning disability/deficit

Ideas and concepts are easily placed into their knowledge framework. The result is excellent listening and reading comprehension, as well as expressive and fluent writing and speaking

How learning happens                                                 Remembering English language structures facilitates the development of vocabulary and background learning

 The Online, Extensive Graded Library                                   Stories, poems, history in 36 levels of difficulty                           The library provides the learner with a high interest learning resource, and the capability to choose and develop their own personal learning framework. 

Executive functioning and Self-Efficacy                                        It is important that the learner feels that he/she in control. A “Can Do” attitude is essential for maximising learning potential, when developing executive functioning abilities

  • Expert advice                                                                        Learning is better when longer language units of language are are learned, rather than just words and letters" Derwing, Monroe and Wiebe 1996
  • Familiarity with the sounds of English is necessary for learning to read and speak. Dame Marie Clay D.B.E / F.R.S.N.Z