Learners who feel that they are in control achieve their goals

This is called self efficacy.

There are 36 levels of training. The learning steps are small.

In this programme, the learners experiences success every time they read and speak.

This is the only programme where the exact degree of control over listening ,speaking, reading and memory is measured and calibrated to one of New Zealand schools 36 reading levels.

You may pay $1,000 dollars for an assessment and you will not find  out exactly how well you, or child can listen, read speak or remember.

You can pay $5,000 dollars for a reading or English programme, but you or your child  will never learn to comprehend information in the exact zone where they need it most.

The assessment is free today, if you have read this, wherever in the world you are

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For confidence-and self-esteem

English and reading for all Sunday, December 20, 2015, 2:50 AM