The right to be educated in New Zealand

 A bad system will beat a good person every time  

                                                                       Edward Deming 

 The destruction  of Foundation Learning

  1. 70 % of New Zealanders can’t read, with comprehension, beyond a nine year reading age.
  2. One in six learners in Auckland have a learning disability related to reading. Now, this problem can easily be remedied Remedial Instruction in New Zealand’s schools
  3. Primary schools

This instruction is always delivered by a teacher aide- someone “off the street” who is prepared to work for the minimum wage.  These well-meaning folk only damage the learner’s chances of eventual success in becoming literate

  1. Intermediate schools

New Zealand’s Intermediate schools often offer a qualified teacher for remediation. These teachers also know nothing about teaching children with a learning disability. 

There is a belief that if the teacher worked hard, and did the job properly, you would get quality learning.  

Teachers are doing their best without knowledge. Poor quality training disrespects teachers and everyone else. 


The responsibility for quality lies at the top                                          

Every nations social wellbeing and economic capacity are exactly matched to its level of literacy.  

The Labour Government has no plan to develop the intrinsic quality of Foundation Learning.

 New Zealand’s citizens will pay for this fundamental occlusion of vision by experiencing ever increasing social and economic problems